A Beach With Sapphire Waters

A beach with sapphire waters

Prassa is a coastal area on the Northeast part of Kimolos, overlooking a small island called Prasonisi. Its fame comes from the same-named white beach (or Agios Georgios beach) that is situated in the northeastern part of the bay. Prassa…

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A Beach Full Of History

A beach full of history

Ellinika beach is located on the west coast of Kimolos island at a place called Mavrospilia , just on the other side of Kimolos strait opposite from the village of Pollonia. The beach is known for the ancient ruins at…

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Agathia Beach: A Remote Gem!

Agathia beach: a remote gem!

One of the most remote beaches of Milos, far on its uninhabited west side is Agathia beach. It takes a 1-hour drive from the port of Milos and a few kilometers on a dirt road, but the experience worths the…

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Ebourios And Rivari Beaches

Ebourios and Rivari beaches

Rivari is a long beach and lagoon inside the gulf of Milos, just opposite of its port, Adamas. Riveri is a well-known place to spot migrating birds and interesting fauna and flora of the island. You can reach Rivari by…

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