Sarakiniko: From another planet

A beach from another planet. What planet? The moon! Recently on an article on CNN Travel, Marissa Tejada describes the amazing beach of Sarakiniko on Milos island, Greece. You can find the link below: Sarakiniko is on CNN Travel in an article entitled: A year of the world’s Best Beaches, so it is part of a great collection of gems around the globe.


White volcanic rocks at Sarakiniko beach


September is the best time to visit, when the northern seasonal winds have stopped. Morning and miday sun can be very hot, because of this white colored rock. An afternoo visit and swim would be ideal. The beach is about 15 minutes drive from Nefeli Sunset Studios, all with asphalt road and plenty of parking. Be prepared to take a lot of photos! It is a must see, so prep your visit!