Milos Beaches: The Miracles Of Nature

Milos beaches: the miracles of nature

Due to the volcanic background of Milos and the unique geology that has shaped the coastline of the island, the beaches there have different shapes, volcanic sand and crystal waters. Fantastic Milos beaches are found on the northern and the southern side of the island, each one with special characteristics. Here are the most famous and beautiful places to swim in Milos.

Milos beaches: Sarakiniko


This is probably the most famous of all Milos beaches. Due to the white rocks and unique moonscape, Sarakiniko frequently features in travel magazines and travel guides. According to scientists, Sarakiniko was formed by lava poured and frozen there after a volcanic eruption. Beneath Sarakiniko are many underwater caves and the region is great for scuba diving.

Tsigrado beach


Although this is among the most beautiful Milos beaches with fantastic crystal waters, Tsigrado beach is difficult to access. Visitors have to pass through a cliff to get down to the beach. However, this place is totally worth the effort. Unorganized, with blue green waters, golden sand and relaxing ambience, Tsigrado is a beach not to miss in Milos!

Firiplaka, Paleochori and Agia Kyriaki


Also located on the southern side of the island, these three Milos beaches have gorgeous water and volcanic sand. The best organized among them is Paleochori beach, lined up with beach bars, taverns and water sports centers. However, Firiplaka, Agia Kyriaki and other close beaches are also great for long days under the hot Greek sun.



The beautiful fishing village of Pollonia, where our Milos studios are found, has a lovely family beach with soft sand and crystal water. This beach is only a walking distance from traditional taverns and cafeterias, therefore it provides a convenient place to spend a long relaxing day. Close to Pollonia, there are few other nice family beaches, such as Pahena.

Windsurfing beaches


The western side of Milos, and particularly the large gulf of Adamas, provides great spots of windsurfing. Recently a windsurfing center opened at Papakinou beach, about 15 min walk from the port of Adamas, offering surfing courses for all ages and renting the necessary equipment. If you bring your own equipment with you, another fine beach for windsurfing in Milos is Achivadolimni.

Off road beaches


Milos is a fantastic island for off-road driving and in fact all jeep roads lead to secluded beaches with crystal waters. Such a nice beach is Paliorema, a secluded place on the south eastern side of Milos with historical importance, as the old sulfur mines of Milos are found there. An off road trip or hike to Cape Vani, on the eastern side of the island, will also reveal visitors a set of fantastic Milos beaches as well as special geological formations.

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