Island architecture

The Greek islands have a long tradition of a special way of life in an unspoiled environment near the sea.

Cyclades island complex is one of the most characteristic examples of this lifestyle.

Art and architecture follow closely and is a big part of tradition all around the Cyclades.

Milos island is no exception, with some of the most characteristic villages in the Aegean archipelagos and even Greece.

With their special white and colored windows, the houses resemble the white and blue of the Aegean sea, while clean terraces and thick walls are adopted for centuries to deal with water shortages and high temperatures in the summer.


The older villages are built in higher altitudes and in steeper slopes, as the area was subject to attacks by pirates during the Middle Ages.

Milos has a unique architectural feature, which is the traditional houses called “syrma” or “syrmata” in plural, where small fishing boats used to be stored in the winter.

Nowadays, even new houses adapt to this traditional way of building, creating this fantastic architectural paradise to walk around and admire grace in simplicity and minimalism.