Milos sights: Top places to visit

Milos is a lovely island of the Cyclades that offers not only a relaxing atmosphere and unique beaches, but also a great number of interesting sights to visit. Visitors can choose some nice Milos suites in a central area, and use this place as a base to explore all sights on the island. Here are our top places to visit in Milos.

Milos sights: Klima and other fishing villages


One of the most interesting and unique Milos sights are the little fishing villages dotted all along the coast of the island. These villages, such as the famous Klima but also Mandrakia, Firopotamos and Fourkovouni, were built as places to protect boats, rather than actual settlements.

The shores of these villages are lined up with unique boat houses, called sirmata, carved into the rock. The boat houses usually have a first floor room built above them, constructed in the typical cubic Cyladic architecture, with doors and windows painted in bright colors.


One of the most important archaeological sights of Europe is found in Milos. The Catacombs of the island are among the oldest monuments of Christianity. This fascinating Milos sight is found just outside the village of Tripiti, and consists of a sprawling underground labyrinth complex.

The Catacombs are estimated to date from the 1st century AD and were originally used as a Christian burial site, but they were later turned into a place of worship and refugee when the Romans started to persecute the Christians. The Catacombs of Milos are included among the three most important catacomb complexes in the world, and may even predate the Catacombs of Rome.

Ancient Theatre


Another least known but important archaeological Milos sight is the Ancient Theatre found near the Catacombs, above the village of Klima. The theatre was originally constructed during the Hellenistic period. After its destruction in war time, the theatre was rebuilt in the Roman times, constructed out of pure Parian marble and decorated with beautiful carvings that are partly visible even today.

Mineralogical Museum

As this is a volcanic island with impressive rock formations and unique morphology, Milos has special geology. In order to celebrate its mineral history and honor the mining past, the Mineralogical Museum of Milos was constructed.

In this small but modern museum located in the port town of Adamas, visitors can learn about the mining history of Milos as well as the local mineral underground wealth. The exhibits include rich photographic material, video presentations, interesting geological and topographical maps, as well as samples of unique minerals.

Medieval Kastro


Plaka is the picturesque capital of Milos, built according to traditional Cycladic architecture on a hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea. The highest point of Plaka is the quarter of Kastro (Medieval Castle), where the old town of Milos is found, distinguishing by its Medieval architecture.

The stone houses and paved paths of Kastro make it one of the most beautiful Milos sights to visit, and its location on the hilltop makes it the ideal spot to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and the famous sunset of Milos. Walking to the top of Kastro, you will also have the chance to see the fantastic church of Panagia Thalassitra, a beautiful traditional church that offers incredible views.