A Beach Full Of History

A beach full of history

Ellinika beach is located on the west coast of Kimolos island at a place called Mavrospilia , just on the other side of Kimolos strait opposite from the village of Pollonia. The beach is known for the ancient ruins at…

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Geology At Its Best

Geology at its best

The rock of Kalogiros (meaning "Monk") is one of the peculiar and impressive geological sights of Milos. On the northern coast, near the village of Pollonia you will see a cone-shaped lava rock, created less than 1 million years before…

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Sarakiniko: From Another Planet

Sarakiniko: From another planet

A beach from another planet. What planet? The moon! Recently on an article on CNN Travel, Marissa Tejada describes the amazing beach of Sarakiniko on Milos island, Greece. You can find the link below: http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/travel/best-beaches/sarakiniko-beach/ Sarakiniko is on CNN Travel…

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