Milos’ Beaches And COVID-19

Milos’ beaches and COVID-19

Milos is home to some of the most majestic beaches of the Aegean sea. White moonscapes, red and orange rocks, yellow stones and volcanic landscapes make up some of the most photographed beaches of Greece. However, as you consider or…

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Ebourios And Rivari Beaches

Ebourios and Rivari beaches

Rivari is a long beach and lagoon inside the gulf of Milos, just opposite of its port, Adamas. Riveri is a well-known place to spot migrating birds and interesting fauna and flora of the island. You can reach Rivari by…

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Sarakiniko: From Another Planet

Sarakiniko: From another planet

A beach from another planet. What planet? The moon! Recently on an article on CNN Travel, Marissa Tejada describes the amazing beach of Sarakiniko on Milos island, Greece. You can find the link below: Sarakiniko is on CNN Travel…

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Milos Underwater

Milos underwater

Snorkeling around milos is amazing. You don't have to be a professional photographer to grab amazing underwater shots with waters that clear! Today we drove from Nefeli Sunset Studios to the south of part of Milos island and had an…

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