Cape Vani: A Colorful Old Mine

Cape Vani: A colorful old mine

Vani or Cape Vani is located in the western part of Milos and is one of the most remote spots on the island. Vani is an impressive abandoned manganese mine approximately 25km from Adamas. The exploitation started back in 1871 and lasted for several decades. The workers used to live in the mines for an entire week and then return by fishing boats to Adamas. The mine stopped working in 1928 due to reducing ore prices and was never used since. The area has still some ruins of the administrational buildings and a colorful path that takes visitors to a small beach with eye-catching pebbles with vibrant colors. The last 3-4km of the road to Vani need definitely a 4WD vehicle, as they are usually in bad shape. However, the rest of the road is normally in good condition. Note that visitors should grab water and light food with them, as the closest store is back at the port of Adamas. Usually, it takes about 45 minutes to reach Vani by car. Once the visitor reaches the beach, he/she gets a glimpse of the great rock of Cape Vani, an impressive vertical outcrop, popping out of the deep blue sea. The rock hosts climbers from around the world and is one of the most iconic climbing spots in the Greek islands.

A glimpse of the beach at Vani


View of Vani Rock from the beach


Vani mines
View of the abandoned mines at Vani


Vani mine
Entrance to abandoned mine


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