A Beach With Sapphire Waters

A beach with sapphire waters

Prassa is a coastal area on the Northeast part of Kimolos, overlooking a small island called Prasonisi. Its fame comes from the same-named white beach (or Agios Georgios beach) that is situated in the northeastern part of the bay. Prassa is arguably the most stunning beach of Kimolos. It has never seized to amaze visitors with its brilliant light blue – sapphire waters and its powder-like white sand. The vivid blue color against the white sand creates an amazing Caribbean-like scenery, excellent for swimming. The waters are so clear that you can see the interesting underwater life, spot corals and sea urchins as well as colorful reef fish. Prassa is accessible by car and by bus through a good-condition dirt road and currently has a small beach bar and a few umbrellas. In August, Prassa can be quite busy with sailboats and small yachts, but it still worths a visit.

Prassa beach
View of the beach of Prassa in northeast Kimolos


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