Boat trip to Kimolos no1

What an amazing day! Just got back from a great boat trip to Kimolos. Kimolos is a small island in Cyclades and one of the most wonderful hidden gems of the Aegean! Kimolos is just next to Milos and is great for a day trip from Pollonia village. Even if you don’t own a boat you can always board the small ferry that connects Milos to Kimolos. Kimolos has beautiful landscape shaped from the amazing volcanic rocks and great beaches that combine the white and the blue of the Aegean sea.

A view of Bounatsa or Mpounatsa beach and its amazing waters from our boat

Our trip began from Nefeli Sunset Studios beach and after passing the small, 1km-wide channel that separates Milos and Kimolos we reached the first of the amazing beaches called Mpounatsa. Mpounatsa looks south and therefore it is protected from the northern seasonal winds of the Aegean. It is usually not busy, however, some hours of the day a plethora of boats stop to enjoy the amazing waters. Next Kimolos stop on the next article!